Packaging Store Services

Buyers: Protect your purchases

Safety: We protect furniture and antiques, no matter how large, fragile or valuable.
Affordability: Don’t pay van lines’ minimum charges of 1,500—2,000 lbs; We welcome smaller moves.
Convenience: We’ll ship directly to you—or to our shipper’s warehouse if you need temporary storage.
Lower risk: We offer cash value transit insurance on everything we pack and ship.

Sellers: Keep customers coming back

Less stress: Use The Packaging Store as your single source for all furniture packaging, shipping and delivery.
Satisfied customers: Improve furniture shipping with safer delivery and fewer damage claims and returns.
Convenience: We arrange inside or curbside pick-ups and deliveries to commercial and residential addresses.


By having the only box making machine in Alaska, we can provide you with the perfect size box. That can be very important due to shipper’s dimensional charges. It also allows double wall protection for those valuable or heavy items. Making boxes for Taxidermy, Artwork, Medical and Commercial Equipment are just a few examples that usually require this service.


We custom build crates for your unique and fragile items, along with the inner packaging and bracing necessary for safe travel. We also build internationally approved crates for shipments overseas and Canada. Many Companies and consumers require this service for value, fragility or weight purposes.


We provide a tremendous amount of knowledge that we apply when it comes to your particular items. The process can be simple or advanced depending on the value or fragility of the item. There are multiple methods ranging from Box to size, Bubble Wrap and fill or Foam in place. We also provide Styrofoam plank with honeycomb braces for heavier items. You get to choose which option based on cost or safety.


We specialize in moves that generally are smaller than a full service move option. We have the experience to stack your assorted goods neatly and securely on to pallets so that you can take advantage of the savings this service provides. We charge by the lb. not space, which can be a real advantage with large but not overly heavy items like furniture that can be typically part of your household goods. We offer pickup services, packaging items you can’t do yourself or need professional protection, delivery to a driveway or garage and insurance (call for details).

There are over 1500 terminals across the country that we can ship to for those of you wanting to save money on the delivery fees or just don’t have a location yet. The more you are willing to do the less we charge. This service works well for both residential and commercial shipments.

Guns including handguns, long guns and factory ammunition are allowed without any restrictions or additional fees.

We palletize your goods at no extra charge. It is our job to fit your jenga puzzle together.

We have low minimums at 500 lbs. or less to all locations. Large items such as taxidermy and office machines are typically shipped this way because the cost of dimensionally shipping these items Air Freight.

High dollar insurance is available as long as we follow the right packaging and shipping requirements.

Northbound shipments to Alaska can be very reasonable if the right situation presents itself. Please call us to see if we can save you money on shipments into Alaska.


We ship FedEx/UPS 2 day air, overnight and surface to all domestic and many international locations.


This packaging provides you with the safest form of inner packaging available. The molds and box can be reused for whatever purpose, which can save on repackaging each time. These molds hold your item centered in a box where it will remain safe.


We offer pickup and delivery services within the Anchorage, Eagle River area. If we cannot offer pickup or delivery in your area, we can provide options using other companies.


We offer a very large selection of boxes and packing materials, usually everything you need for your packaging concerns. We carry over 200 different size boxes in stock along with bubble wrap, anti-static bubble wrap, loose fill, tape including water activated paper tape, anti-static bags, tubes and a lot more. If we do not have that perfect box, we will make one for you.

Box Making

Foam In Place Packaging


Palletizing Shipping